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HWY 84 Project
by posted 06/29/2017

Important Information on HWY 84 / Rea Road Project – We need your help once again!

NC DOT held its third public meeting for the NC 84 – Rea Road Extension Project on June 20th in which they presented information about the updated design plans.  (Click here to see the handout with more details from this meeting.)

 Also, CLICK HERE to see a You Tube video posted by NC DOT showing where the road will go and what it will look like when it is done.  

Last year, thanks to your help, we conducted a successful email campaign with public comments resulting in a shift of the proposed NC 84 widening so that WCWAA ballfields would not be impacted.  

The WCWAA Board needs your help again  –

  •   We need to show positive support for the conversion of a portion of Dogwood Park from parkland to transportation use.  By using part of the 75-foot setback within Dogwood Park, as already approved by the Village of Wesley Chapel, the WCWAA ballfields are not impacted at all!  Positive support from the community is essential to obtaining final approval from PARTF for this proposed conversion.
  •  We also have an opportunity to comment on the roadway design whereby cars leaving WCWAA and Southbrook Church will make right hand turns only and then proceed to Deal Road at which point they will make u-turn if they want to go back towards Wesley Chapel.   See the pages on Synchronized Streets in the handout attached.  We believe that the current proposal of having one left turn lane at the Deal Road traffic light would be safer if it were expanded to two left turn lanes to accommodate the volume of traffic coming from Wesley  Chapel, WCWAA and Southbrook Church. 



 Please cut and paste the comments below and email them to Cheryl Bennett, Wesley Chapel Village Clerk by July 24, 2017.  Thank you for your support of WCWAA!


We are writing to support the conversion of around 0.73 of an acre along NC84 at Dogwood Park, a Parks and Recreation Trust Fund grant-assisted property, from parkland to transportation use.  The PARTF conversion is proposed to accommodate a shift in the NCDOT Hwy 84 project alignment to avoid impacts to WCWAA ball fields and Southbrook Church parking.  We greatly appreciate the efforts NCDOT and the Village of Wesley Chapel have made to protect the ballfields at Optimist Park – our programs serve over 6,000 youth each year and are an important part of our community providing recreational sports in an area where there are not any other town, county or state-funded parks.  Thank you for listening!


Email to: 

Submit comments by:  July 24, 2017



 Please cut and paste the comments below and email them to Mr. Tracy Walter, NCDOT by July 24, 2017. Thank you for your support of WCWAA!


We are writing to express our concern with the proposed turn lane at NC 84 and Deal Road.  As proposed, traffic exiting Southbrook Church and WCWAA Optimist Park will turn right on NC 84, and then proceed to the light at Deal Road and make a u-turn to head back towards Wesley Chapel.  There is currently only one left turn lane at the light, approximately 300 feet in length.  Based on the volume of traffic travelling on NC 84 from Wesley Chapel towards Weddington, and exiting both locations during very busy times, we believe that it would be safer to construct two left turn lanes at the light for the purpose of making the u-turn.  Thank you for considering this comment.


Email to: 

Submit comments by:  July 24, 2017

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Employer Matching Programs
by posted 02/18/2017

WCWAA is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. 

Many employers match contributions made by their employees to charitable organizations.  Some also make donations based on their employees' volunteer hours.  Please check with your employer's HR department or contact Chris Robertson, WCWAA Treasurer, at for more information.

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