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Titans Fall Football



Note:  Please read carefully as there are numerous forms required to play Pop Warner Football.


Due to the numbers of players in the program, signups will be done 100% online. Please review all the information below so you have a clear understanding of the registration process.

On July 20th from 8am - 10am for Tiny-Mites and Mitey-Mites, 10am - 12pm for All other Divisons
Make-up for equipment handout August 3rd from 8am - 11am all registered players in all divisions.
Both players and parents must come to the park for equipment fittings on one of these dates.

On these dates the following items MUST be turned in to us, in order for the players equipment to be picked up :

1) A copy of the players year end report card showing all school year grades ( If home schooled download form Home School Form and complete as shown on form )
2) A copy of the players birth certificate
3) A parent / guardian signed Pop Warner Registration/Physical Form ( download and complete as shown.  Form MUST be printed as a single page two sided document )
4) A completed and signed Participant Contract and Parental Consent Form ( download and complete as shown.  Form MUST be printed as a single page two sided document )
5) A deposit check for $150 ( the check will not be cashed, just held as a deposit )

Please understand there will be no exceptions to this, and we will not hand out any equipment to players who do not have 100% of the required documents, as it is impossible for us to chase hundreds of players for missing documentation.
We appreciate your understanding as you cannot imagine how difficult it is to coordinate and gather the hundreds of players documents that are required for Pop Warner Certification.

A Pop Warner Physical is required. You can use your own physician or use a CVS minute clinic or Urgent Care facility. Please note the 2013 Pop Warner Registration/Physical Form MUST be signed by the physician as Pop Warner does not accept any other forms. 
The physical MUST be completed and the physician signed form turned in to us on equipment handouts or you will not be able to get your child's equipment. You also cannot practice without the physical completed and turned in.
Practice starts the week of August 1st.

Following is the Pop Warner Division Age / Weight Schedule ( ages are as of July 31, of the current year)  

Total Season Cost is $295 which includes all equipment except shoes.
Players keep their jerseys with name imprinted at the end of the season.  

The additional refundable equipment deposit is $150, payable by check.
The deposit check is held and not cashed, unless equipment is not returned at the end of the season.

Returning players who sign up before June 30th are guaranteed a spot on the Titans roster. New players and returning players not signed up by June 30th are placed on a waiting list until sufficient players have signed up to fill a team. Please do not contact me about whether or not you will be accepted on a team. I will not know this until the last week before the season starts but we will do our very best to make sure all players are placed on teams.

We will make every attempt to give players who are trying out for the middle school program, but do not make the team, a chance to play for the Titans. Those players who want this option need to sign up for a Pop Warner position NOW but note in the space provided, that they are trying out for the Middle School.
We cannot guarantee a playing position to players, as we must fill teams and team sizing limits to optimize the experience for each player and team.  We will allocate positions based on registration submission date with a first registered receiving the first available position.
If it is determined space is available and you do not make the Middle School Team, the full fee NEEDS TO BE PAID BY AUGUST 5th .  Additionally all paperwork submitted in full, including a signed physical to be placed on a team.

 If you make the middle school team, you must send an e-mail  .

The Current Season Game Schedule will be posted as soon as available. Until then please refer to the General Schedule for important dates :  2013 General Schedule


For additional information e-mail us at