To provide safe and fun athletic opportunities for youth team sports in a competitive and instructional environment

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The reference to age in Softball is in terms of “softball age” which may or may not be the same as the player’s current age at the time of registration. The Char-Meck association defines Softball Age as the age of  the player as of January 1st of the players birth year.  

16U - Ages 13-16 (1/1/2001-1/1/2004) * Note this age group depends on the number of girls who register.

13U - Ages 11-13 (1/1/2008-1/1/2007)

10U - Ages 9-11 (1/1/2006-1/1/2008) * First age that allows all girl pitching with bunting/ stealing

8U - Ages 7-8 (1/1/2009-1/1/2010) *Girl / Coach pitch.

6U - Ages 5-6 (1/1/2011-1/1/2012) *Tball / Coach pitch.  Great program for girls to start.  Emphasis on "fun first" while learing the fundamentals.


Play up Rule:
WCWAA recreational league provides leagues and competition that are designed to be separated by age group.  Although skills and capability may vary between players, in most cases players benefit from playing within their defined age group.  There are specific, yet limited, instances where playing “up” (into a higher age group) is an option or is needed.  These specific instances include:

  • Players younger than 8U eligible who have played a minimum of 2 seasons of T Ball and are at least 6 years old may request to play 8U Softball (NOTE:  both Softball Board approval and coaches assessment are required).
  • On occasions there is a need for additional players to make numbers work for a team (i.e. ensure enough players for the team) or enable a team to split into multiple teams in a higher age group.  If the lower age group has a sufficient number of players to make its needed number of teams, then the Softball Board can approve the right number of skill capable players to play in the higher age group.  Parent and Board approval are required.
  • Once a player is allowed to “play up” then they will be permitted to continue to “play up” in future seasons in that specific age division.