To provide safe and fun athletic opportunities for youth team sports in a competitive and instructional environment

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Summer 7v7 Football

1st week of June to the end of July 2016



5 Divisions                     

4th Grade - Ages 9 - 10

5th Grade - Ages 10 - 11 

6th Grade - Ages 11 - 12 

7th Grade - Ages 12 - 13  

8th Grade - Ages 13 - 14 


The 7 on 7 Passing League is a fun competitive, non-contact way to play football. Passing is now the feature offense, and thus defense, of most teams. Passing and catching take a great deal of practice to master. Participating in 7 on 7 leagues offers athletes an exceptional, competitive way to hone their skills.

The league encourages teams to run the offensive formations, route trees, and defensive formations of their organized Fall teams.


Individual Registration $100

Registration for Summer League will open in May, 2016 at


Team Registration:

$850 Per team of 15 (We recommend not having more than 12 on a team to keep reps high for all players.  If you must have more than 15 players there will be an additional $50 charge)






Summer League Rules are posted at